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Vitamin E for Fertility? 8 Things you Should Know About this Vitamin

Benefits of vitamin e for fertility in women and men

Taking vitamins for fertility is an often overlooked method for helping with conception issues. If you are a couple who is struggling with infertility, you are not alone. Infertility is a problem that plagues over six million Americans and can happen for a variety of reasons.

It can be complicated to target the exact cause of infertility in most cases, but some things can help. Increasing your intake of vitamin E for fertility purposes can drastically increase your odds of becoming pregnant.

With the vast array of vitamins that can be included in a plan to increase fertility, it is very tricky to know which ones have the most benefits as fertility vitamins. There are benefits for both men and women who utilize vitamin E to boost their fertility.

If you are interested in discovering more about what this powerful supplement can do to help with any infertility issues you are struggling with, we are here to answer those questions.

Infographic about the benefits of vitamin e for fertility in women and men

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4 Benefits of Vitamin E for Fertility In Woman

There are four critical reasons why you should be using Vitamin E in your lineup of fertility vitamins if you are a woman. Taking Vitamin E is also effective when used before you start fertility treatments. The combination of fertility vitamins and fertility treatments combine to help create a healthy placenta for your pregnancy.

1. Thickening of the Uterine Lining

A critical factor in women that leads to infertility is a thin uterine lining. Using vitamin E for fertility will enhance blood flow in parts of the body essential for alleviating this issue when taken in quantities of around 600mg per day. This will result in increased thickness and is part of the reason why vitamin E works well as a fertility vitamin.

2. Treats Fibrocystic Breast Disease

For women who are plagued with fibrocystic breast disease, the development of tumors during menstruation is a painful experience. Vitamin E has been shown to diminish these tumors and help solve these troubles. Taking Vitamin E has been shown to reduce the painful effects of this condition.

3. Treats Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS, is a common ailment that one out of every ten women are forced to combat in the battle of infertility. Vitamin E can be used with your regular fertility vitamins to reduce the hormonal imbalances caused by PCOS and reverse its effects.

4. It Protects the Amniotic Sac

When a fetus rests in the womb, it is protected by fluid in the amniotic sac. If this fragile sac is to rupture, then the liquid could leak out, thus leaving the fetus unprotected. When you take vitamin E, it works to enhance the amniotic sac’s wall strength, providing ample protection to your fragile fetus.

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4 Benefits of Vitamin E for Men’s Fertility

The benefits of vitamin E for fertility are not limited to women. When men take vitamin E they also reap critical benefits that aid in fertility.

1. Improves Sperm Motility

Vitamin E works hard when choosing to take it with your fertility vitamins to create more motile and effective sperm. This is a powerful benefit that vitamin E delivers for Men’s Fertility

2. Increased Sperm Counts

Another great benefit gained from taking Vitamin E for fertility in men is increased sperm counts. It is also exceptional at fighting off infections and damage. These infections are the leading reason why men have low sperm counts in the first place.

3. Higher Sex Drive

Another benefit of using Vitamin E for fertility in men is it will increase sex drive. It does this by increasing hormones in the body that are responsible for sexual interest and stamina. More sex means more chances at becoming pregnant, which is why men should be including vitamin E with their other fertility vitamins.

4. Better IVF Results

Another powerful effect that men experience when using Vitamin E is better results during IVF treatments. Researchers found that there was an increase of almost 29% in fertilization among men who were using vitamin E for fertility.

How Much Vitamin E Should I Take for Fertility? (Dosage)

If you choose to add vitamin E to your daily fertility vitamins, there are guidelines for how much you should be consuming. Daily dosages recommended for people in the US are comprised of taking 12mg of alpha-tocotrienol and then supplementing that with 15mg through dietary means. This will provide two separate sources of vitamin E.

How Can I Increase My Intake of Vitamin E

There are two primary ways that men and women can leverage the power of vitamin E. These sources are natural sources such as food and supplemental sources, such as taking it every day with your other fertility vitamins.

If you want to ensure you ingest enough Vitamin E for fertility that comes from your diet, you should be eating things such as wheat germ, sunflower seeds, and almonds regularly.

Taking vitamin E with your other fertility vitamins is the other way you can incorporate this supplement into your fertility plan before taking vitamin E. However, it is always wise to discuss it with your doctor. This will ensure you get optimal results and can safely include vitamin E with your other fertility vitamins.

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