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10 Foods That Increase Sperm Count, Volume, and Motility

Foods That Increase Sperm Count

When it comes to foods that increase sperm count, many questions arise, what should I eat? What are the quantities? Can my diet really affect sperm health?

Today, you will discover which foods increase sperm count, volume and motility should include in your diet if you are really looking to increase your sperm quality and quantity

Let’s Start,

Low sperm quantity and quality is the common cause of infertility in men. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the standard healthy sperm count is over 15 million per milliliter, so any count below is considered abnormal.

If your sperm count falls below the expected figure, or if your sperm quality is less than “wholesome,” don’t fret. You can turn things around by incorporating certain foods into your diet. Read along to learn how!

Makers of Sperm Health

While we can’t wait to introduce you to the superfoods that can boost your sperm health, you need to know the set of terms and physiological components that makes up sperm health; these sperm-health determiners are: 

Sperm count: Refers to the number of sperm cells in a semen sample or per ejaculation

Sperm Motility: Translates to the motion and progression of sperm cells towards the egg. A healthy sperm progression is stated to be 25 micrometers per second.

Semen Volume:  This is the total amount or concentration of sperm required to transport sperm cells across the female reproductive cavity. Medically, an average semen volume is said to range from 2-5ml per ejaculation.

Sperm Morphology: Refers to the shape and size of a sperm cell

For men, nature demands a healthy sperm for the baby-making process. But sometimes, your reproductive organs may refuse to meet this demand. Of course, you would want to set the “obstinate” organs straight, and your first line of action will naturally take the medical route.

While that is the wise and appropriate thing to do, you can augment this strategy with diet. Yes, making some dietary changes can make all the difference to your sperm count, motility, and volume. Here is a list of superfoods that can take your sperm virility from zero to a hundred!

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Which Foods Increase Sperm Count?

Male infertility associated with decreased sperm count is often attributed to vitamin and zinc deficiency. This means you need to load up on some vitamin and zinc-rich foods that increase sperm count naturally. And we have selected the best foods that increase sperm count for you.


Eggs make a fantastic omelet, but they make an even more fantastic sperm count.  Eggs are a powerhouse of vitamin E and proteins ─ the exact nutrients that multiply your sperm in spades. They also protect your sperm from nasty free radicals. And oh, they improve sperm motility too. Aren’t eggs amazing?


A well-known age-long aphrodisiac root, Ashwagandha, or Ginseng has been used to treat infertility for decades.  But beyond traditional medicine, there is scientific evidence to support its efficacy.

In a 2013 study, 46 males with low sperm count were placed on Ginseng’s 675 milligrams daily for 90 days. Results from the study showed a 167% increase in the sperm count of the participants.

This is a big evidence that Ashwagandha is one of the best foods that increase sperm count. So make yourself a hot cup of ginseng tea today or chew the dried root.

Olive Oil

When it comes to foods that increase sperm count, olive oil is a top contender. Consuming olive oil regularly can double your sperm count.  It works by lowering those unwanted cholesterol levels, hence paving the way for the smooth flow of oxygen to the testicles, which helps form virile sperm.


If you want to produce sperm fast and in multiples, then you’d better start eating leafy green vegetables like spinach. Spinach contains high levels of folic acid, which can multiply sperm count.


Asparagus is another free-radical destroying weapon. It is also a rich source of vitamin C, which has a protective effect on sperm and can increase its motility and volume. So eating Asparagus equates to having a ton of fast swimmers.

Foods to Increase Sperm Motility Fast

Speaking of fast swimmers, eating any or all of the foods below can make your sperm cells move with the speed of alacrity.


Carrots are more than just a colorful and tasty chewy snack. One of the many benefits of eating carrots is improved sperm motility.

They are chock-full of beta-carotene, which is an antioxidant that keeps free radicals at bay. It also drives the sperm to swim faster towards the egg.


There is no talking about foods that increase sperm motility without mentioning walnuts. This is because they are an incredible source of omega-3-fatty acids, facilitating the easy and quick blood flow to the genitals.

One particular study found a significant improvement in men’s sperm motility and morphology, who incorporated walnuts into their diet.


This core smoothie ingredient and yummy fruit have been found to increase fertility in men.

They contain a unique enzyme called bromelain and loads of vitamin C, A, B1, and magnesium, the perfect and potent combination of sperm motility and libido-boosting nutrients.

How to Increase Sperm Volume

If you’ve ever googled the question “how to make sperm thicker and stronger” or “foods to increase sperm volume,” then you must have stumbled upon two foods. If you didn’t, well, here they are: 

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate contains enough antioxidants to make pomegranates jealous. But more than that, it has a unique amino acid called L-arginine that doubles sperm and semen volume.

But be careful not to overeat, as it can lead to weight gain, which is bad news for your testosterone levels and sperm count. 


If you can overlook the pungent aroma, garlic is a powerful baby-making aid for men. It contains the magic ingredient, allicin, which increases blood flow to the sexual organs and fights off sperm-damaging elements.

It also includes an enzyme called selenium that increases sperm volume. Throw in a clove or two into your meals and watch the mind-blowing results. 

Supplements and Vitamins That Increase Sperm Count

Food aside, if your fertility game isn’t picking up, try taking zinc and folic supplements. A recent study found that the combined intake of zinc and garlic supplements increased sperm count in 74% of men with fertility issues.


Low sperm count is often linked to low levels of folic acid in the blood. Folate or Folic Acid is a B-vitamin that enhances sperm quality and quantity. Though you can consume folate from foods like leafy green vegetables, the supplement form can up your folate levels faster.


Does zinc increase sperm count?

Low levels of zinc have been linked to male infertility. Zinc plays a crucial role in sperm count and quality by helping to regulate both parameters. So reaching for a pack of zinc supplements might be what you need to make babies! 

Vitamins for fertility is very large topic and it is not sufficient to mention all of it here. If you are interested in it, there is a full guide I recently wrote can really help you.

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Foods That Increase Sperm Count

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